The Coimbatore data portal has been developed keeping in mind the importance of disseminating data, user interactions and evidence-based decision-making. Key performance indicators have been presented under two core classifications - the SDGs and 8 thematic areas. Further, 5 sectors within the thematic areas (Health, Environment, Water, Sewage Management and Solid Waste) have been identified for maintaining most recent database of the city.

The indicators considered for the dashboard have evolved primarily from the National Indicator Framework and Urban Outcomes Framework (based on relevant city indices Ease of Living, Municipal Performance Index, Climate Smart Cities Assessment Framework and Data Maturity Assessment Framework).

The portal consists of data for 192 indicators, covering 4937 data points. The indicators with direct linkage to National Indicator Framework (Version 3.0) have been referred to using their relevant indicator number in NIF (Eg: 11.6.3, 2.2.4 etc.)

The dashboard is connected to a data warehouse which will be continuously updated.

Explore the SDG dashboard for Coimbatore